Tuesday, May 26, 2009

J - Before The World Was Mine

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So I've Kept You All Informed About This Cat's New Album. He Has Givin Me The Pleasure/ Honor Of Exclusively Posting It Here. That Doesn't Mean If You Like It, Just Burn It To A Disk, Be Supportive And Cop This. You Can Purchase It In Acouple Weeks At iTunes But As Of Now If You Want To Purchase The "Official" Album Just Send An Email To julienisdaillest@yahoo.com With The Purchase Process At PayPal, And You Can Have Your Copy Sent To You ASAP. But Take A Little Time Out Of Your Day To Give This A Gander Because I Am 100% Impressed With The Album. You Can Also Find "J" On Myspace, & His Site Is Hip-Hop Lives. As You All Know Ive Been Slacking, You Can Find All Of My Slackage Here, "J" Did An OVER 50 SONG POST! SHOUTS TO "J"!!!!

1) Before The World Was Mine - J
2) Tears Do Fall - J
3) Ahead of The Rest - J Feat. Dynamix
4) Come With Me - J Feat. Tay
5) Back On The Track - J
6) Dream Girl - J
7) First Sight - J Feat. Tay
8) There You Go - J
9) Born To Resist - J
10) Say Goodbye (R.I.P.) - J Feat. D-Hype
11) Never Coming Back - J
12) Bridge Daze - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe
13) Boss of My City - J Feat. J. Fizzle
14) 24/7 - J Feat. Dynamix
15) Love's Game - J
16) Maybe Tomorrow - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe
17) Lurpz (Bonus Track) - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe & J. FIzzle
18) You Ain't Got Nuthin On Us (Bonus Track) - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe, J. Fizzle, & Dynamix
19) Outro - J

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