Monday, May 11, 2009

J - Before World Was Mine, (Art Work) (Track Listing) & (Released Tracks)

This Is "J", He's An Upcoming Artist From Boston, From What I've Heard Of This Album, Its Nice, I Fucks With It. He Told Me A Couple Weeks Ago It Would Be "Dropping Early May" & When I Looked At His Site Acouple Days Ago, He Said That He Is Now Working On "Printing Issues" Right Now Then It Will Be Released. Im Not Sure How Hes Going To Release This, If Hes Going To Just Post It On The Internet (Yea Right) lol. But Once It Is Availible I Will Have A Link On Here For You Guys To Perchase. Please Check Him Out, You Will Not Be Disappointed!
1) Before The World Was Mine - J
2) Tears Do Fall - J
3) Ahead of The Rest - J Feat. Dynamix
4) Come With Me - J Feat. Tay
5) Back On The Track - J
6) Dream Girl - J
7) First Sight - J Feat. Tay
8) There You Go - J
9) Born To Resist - J
10) Say Goodbye (R.I.P.) - J Feat. D-Hype
11) Never Coming Back - J
12) Bridge Daze - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe
13) Boss of My City - J Feat. J. Fizzle
14) 24/7 - J Feat. Dynamix
15) Love's Game - J
16) Maybe Tomorrow - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe

17) Lurpz (Bonus Track) - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe & J. FIzzle
18) You Ain't Got Nuthin On Us (Bonus Track) - J Feat. Kid Katastrophe, J. Fizzle, & Dynami
x19) Outro - J

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