Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pissed Off!!!!

Why I Quit This Shit Before Was Aggravation From My Post's Being Deleted. Well Guess What... I Was Examining My Site AND FOUR HUGE POSTS AND A FEW SMALL POSTS I'VE POSTED HAVE BEEN DELETED. So I Think Its Safe To Say Im Extremely Pissed Off. It Seems Like Im Doing This Shit For Nothing. If I Said I Was Going To Repost All Of What Has Been Deleted, It Would Be A Lie. But As You Know As Long As You Keep Up With Me, And Keep Locked Here You'll Have No Promlems In Staying "Up To Date" Well Im Going To Look Into It, And See WHY THE FUCK THIS IS HAPPENING. For Example, The Post Before This Took Me A Long Time So You Guys Could Download/Listen To The Tracks Individually, And When Posts Like That Get Deleted, Best Beleive I Get HEATED. So Hopefully I Can Extinguish This Common Problem Before It Happens Again.

Thank You,


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